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There are furries on Long Island! Who knew???
Hello and welcome to the Long Island furry community web page! We are a group of furries from Long Island who self-organized around july 2006. We all meet in real life, there's usually a good-sized meet (20-30 furries!) every month or so. We draw, we suit, we act crazy, and we have fun!
Our major annual event is the Long Island OMGWTFBBQ, which takes place for two days in Sunken Meadow State Park and a nearby hotel, usually in july or august. Our other regular events are Draganta's Christmas party and Ladymage's Halloween.

This page is not updated: our main activity hub is
Some Long Island furry links for you:
You know what else is cool? You all can have a or email address! Drop me a line with what name you want and where you want it forwarded, and it will be.